Completed and Current Projects (2008- 2021):

Banfield Elementary School - Austin, MN

Belle Plaine Elementary School - Belle Plaine, MN

Chatfield High School - Chatfield, MN

Eagan High School - Eagan, MN

Goodhue School - Goodhue, MN

Hawthorne Elementary School - Albert Lea, MN

Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton School and Concession Stand - Janesville, MN

Lanesboro Schools - Lanesboro, MN

MacPhail Center for Music at Austin High School - Austin, MN

Mason City High School Natatorium - Mason City, IA

New Hampton High School - New Hampton, IA

Neveln Elementary School - Austin, MN

Osage Middle and High School - Osage, IA

Pacelli Elementary and High Schools - Austin, MN

Pine Island School - Pine Island, MN

Riverland Community College Rooftop - Austin, MN

Southgate Elementary School - Austin, MN

Triton Public School Remodel and Additions - Dodge Center, MN 

Waseca Junior and Senior High School Renovations - Waseca, MN